Dottie the milk cow has been bred back

File this post under the category of TMI.

Yesterday when we went to milk Benjamin was extremely interested in Dottie. In fact when we brought her back to the pasture Ben met us half way back because he simply walked through the paddock fence looking for his sweetie. Today, he paid her no mind so I do believe she has been bred now. That means a few things.

One, we will dry Dottie off the end of February to give her two months with no milking and no calf at her side. This will let her recover some body condition.

Two, we didn’t have a repeat of Maggie. Our milk cow is bred back with no issues, no broken back.

Three, Benjamin is not exactly faithful. This morning he was chasing Love, the cow, trying to woo her to his affections. He paid Dottie no mind. He’s kind of a love ’em and leave ’em kind of man.

Rainbow over a farmers field.
This isn’t the rainbow of love, but it is a rainbow I saw a few days ago just down from the farm. You don’t get one of these every day so I wanted to share it somewhere on the blog.

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