Eeek!! A spider!


So the other day while I was compacting cardboard, I thought I saw movement in our baler. Meh, a bug or something. No big deal.

Then yesterday I’m helping Spork clean up some of the cardboard from feeding and I saw this in the exact same area.

Big spider
It’s as big as it looks

This guy was riding the ram of the baler up and down as we compacted the cardboard. He was careful to keep out of the way of getting squished. It was obvious he’d made this trip many time before because he had it down to a science.

Because of all the fresh produce, we have lots of flies around so I’m happy to have a resident spider hanging out and eating bugs. And this guy looks like the Special Forces version of farm spiders.

Big spider
Riding the ram

Spork was totally nonplussed about the whole thing. He’d been watching this guy walk up and down the ram every time it went up and down. It seemed to be some mild entertainment for him while he worked. So Spork is entertained and bugs are going to a good use. Yeah spiders!

Um, yeah. 

Stupid baler is made of steel and won’t burn! Anybody have a working flame thrower?

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