Have you ever played that game where you find X number of things wrong in a picture?

How many can you spot in this one?

  1. She’s walking a pig. Now that’s not really “wrong” but goodness, it is not your normal everyday thing. Can you imagine looking out of your kitchen and seeing that going on outside?
  2. I can only describe what the pig is wearing as some sort of girdle. That shirt is way too tight to be flattering. I mean the blue color is nice and goes well with the pigs eyes but come on. She’s a porker. Go up a size on the shirt and let the pig take a breath occasionally.
  3. I’ll never understand women’s fashion. It’s cold. It’s snowing. Even the pig is wearing clothes. But this lady has boots to her knees and a coat past her rear end. But in between there isn’t much. That’s got to be cold. I’m sure it makes sense, somehow. But I’ll never understand how girls go about making clothing choices.
    This is how I would be dressed in the cold
    This is how I would be dressed in the cold

    4. She’s walking a pig. On ice. I know pigs are four wheel drive but that’s overrated. For most of my life, I’ve described my dancing as “a pig on ice.” There is a reason for this. My dancing is that bad, and so is a pig on ice. Couldn’t she at least put some booties on the pig. Some snow shoes? Maybe some chains or studs?

Obviously I’m kidding through this whole thing. I just couldn’t not share a picture of a lady walking a pig on a leash.

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