Exciting new dairy products in the store

With the advent of herd shares in North Carolina, we are now able to offer products in the store you’ve never seen before (because they were illegal).

For members of our herd share, you will now be able to purchase raw milk butter, honey butter, and yogurt. All of these products are made from our raw milk at our dairy farm.

These products actually showed up for the first time last week. However I didn’t announce them when they came in because almost immediately it all went back out the door, so there wasn’t much to talk about. 

We’ve had requests for years for raw milk butter. I’m glad to finally be able to help out our customers.

We’ve also had requests for raw milk yogurt, but of course all I could offer there was that you could make it yourself. Now we have ready to eat yogurt in the store!

In addition to our raw milk products, next week we’ll have our holiday favorite, egg nog from Simply Natural Dairy, back in stock. As always, Simply Natural products are pasteurized, but they are as good as it gets for traditional dairy products. Egg nog is only available during the holiday season and we only get a gallon or so a week so if you know you want some, make sure to put in a special order with Jeanette or the girls. We will have some for you the next week.

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