Expanded hours coming to the store

As part of the changes we are making here at the farm, we are making some changes to our store hours and adding staff. First the quick summary. We are adding Thursdays, 2pm-6pm onto our open hours starting November 4th 2021. This will give folks another chance to get by the store during the week and be a little more “normal” in our days vs the hit and miss schedule we currently have.

We spent some time debating dates, hours, staffing, etc. Our original thought was to go back to what we used to do, which was being open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then Saturday. But then I remembered that Monday didn’t work because of the way we restock.

Milk for one week
This is the most milk I’ve ever brought back at once. And we’ll still run out.

I drive on Tuesdays to go pick up produce from our other farmers, and also to our dairy farm to pick up raw milk. For the regulars, they know that Wednesday is the first day where the store is restocked so they pour in on Wednesday to get their fresh product (especially true with dairy), with Friday being the backup day if Wednesday doesn’t work. Saturday is a different crowd, usually in for different reasons than our weekly regulars crowd. Adding Monday would put us open at the last day before restock, the worst day to stop in. But by adding Thursday, now people will know that we are open the last 1/2 of the week. Restock on Tuesday, open Wednesday through Friday 2-6pm and then Saturday at 9am till 1pm. Then closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It makes our schedule a little less lumpy and hard to remember and gives people the best chance to stop by and get what they need when we most likely have it.

We looked at hours as well while we were making changes. While there is always a need for later store hours so people can avoid the 5 o’clock rush hour, experience has shown that after 6pm we don’t see much traffic as people are getting home and getting dinner going for their families. And more pertinent for our operation, WE are getting home and getting dinner going for our families. So with that restriction, we have chosen to keep our hours the same. There is always a thought to being open longer, but the reality is, we are not Wal Mart and never want to be.

So in summary, starting November 4th, we will be open:

Wednesday 2pm-6pm
Thursday 2pm-6pm
Friday 2pm-6pm
Saturday 9am-1pm.

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