Expect more beef in the freezers

When we opened to the public officially back in December, we started a program with Groupon to do a little advertising. I think it’s safe to say that we blew the doors off this place once the word got out and we’ve been playing catch up ever since. I threw all the kids and the wife at the store, with no training, trying to keep up with demand and we’ve held on, just barely.

In February, we changed the deal with Groupon to greatly reduce the number of Groupons we were selling and bring some normalcy back to our world. Because Groupons are good for four months from the date of purchase, the last of the Groupons from that initial batch will be coming through on June 15th. That means that we will be reducing our new customer traffic significantly and THAT means that for all of you existing customers who are used to us being out of stuff all the time, well that should be ending shortly. Once June 15th rolls through, we will be concentrating on taking care of our existing customers and trying to better stock for our routine folks.

A freezer full of pork
What our freezers should look like

We are still taking (and very grateful for) new customers and we always REALLY appreciate referrals to your friends, but hopefully we’ll be at a more sustainable volume level and you can feel comfortable that we have your product on the shelf when you stop by.

Except ribeyes. Goodness you folks sure do love a ribeye steak. Those will still be filled from the pre-order list in the store.

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