Fall CSA is open (and almost full!)

This is my fault, not Jenn’s. She texted me the first of this week about her fall CSA. By the time I got to it today, she is down to five spots left. We had about 20 spots for the Spring CSA so things obviously went very well for Chickadee this year.

I’ve stopped in the store and spoken with customers picking up their CSA boxes. The people here have been very pleased with the quality of the produce they’ve received and I’ve heard nothing but good things.

To sign up for Chickadees fall CSA, follow the link for information.

As before, we don’t take a cut of the CSA business. We offer it as a convenience for our customers and as a way to help another small farmerĀ  succeed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t bring in another CSA as well so if you try to get in on this one and it is full, let me know and I’ll put you on the wait list.

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