Farm fresh produce, CSA signups are open!

Normally I have to get peoples attention to even read something about food. But with all the craziness going on right now, everyone is talking about food, except when they are talking about toilet paper!

In the middle of all the corona craziness, I get a call from our Jennifer, our produce farmer and now long time CSA partner. We’ve been a drop off point for her for several years. We don’t charge her, or you. The idea is, hopefully you like the convenience of picking up here, and you’ll buy some meat while you are here. Not everyone does that, but enough do that we still like to be part of it. Plus we like Jennifer and her product so that helps.

So Jennifer says, “Hi, howya been. Etc, etc. Do you still want to be a part of the CSA this year?”

I’ve got people climbing the fences trying to buy product and she wants to know if I want fresh produce for customers? Um, yeah.

This is her advertisement. Legit that is just a pic of one of her drop offs. I’ve seen plenty to judge

So as usual, the signups go to Jennifer directly at Just select that you want to pick up at Ninja Cow Farm and you’ll be on the list for veggie goodness. If there has ever been a time to support your local farmer, and secure your supply from that farmer, this is it. Thousands of you get these posts. I don’t know how many spots she has but if you are thinking about it, I’d go ahead and do it before your neighbor does. Know you have fresh food coming to the house this year.

Any buy a pork chop when you stop by.

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