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We sell consumer direct straight off the farm. We sell cuts of meat and fractions of the whole animal. We encourage you to come to the farm and pick up your purchases and see where your food comes from.

Our supply varies by the year and by the season. When we have product available or coming available, we’ll put the word out so that you have a chance to get on the list. In our modern world of Amazon Prime and 24 hour grocery stores, our method may seem to be an inconvenience but we feel this is the best way to supply top quality product to our customers. We hope you think the wait is worth it.

For details on our individual products, see below.








Pet Milk


Honey/jams/soaps, etc.

13 Replies to “Buy Meat”

  1. You guys got any oxtails in stock? Are you open this week in between Christmas and New Years?
    Thanks !

    1. Hi! Like a lot of folks, I live about an hour away and I’m wondering – any chance you’ll be updating the pricing list anytime soon? Money is tight with the costs of everything rising, just like to know what I’m facing before I get there. Thanks so much!

      1. Sadly no. Jeanette keeps the pricing updated in the store and in this crazy world I just don’t have time to keep another list updated online. You can always cal the store for current pricing.

  2. Do you guys sell cows blood for cooking? If so, please contact me ASAP! My in-laws are coming into town and I’d love to make a special meal for them. Thanks!

  3. Hi there! I’m looking for a turkey to pick up by 11/10 for an early Thanksgiving dinner. ‘Ugh this you have any for sale or a recommendation on where to find one?

    Thank you!

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