Sorry to tease you on the steaks
Steaks and burgers, ready for the fire.

Update for May 2020.

Pricing is not updated to current. Market conditions are changing things too rapidly. In store pricing is current. These prices are for reference only at this time.

Update for April, 2017.

We don’t update this page very often as the story doesn’t change. All is good. Ribeyes are always tough to get, but overall we are well stocked.

End of update.

We only sell off farm so you’ll need to stop by and pick up your order, but you’ll also get a tour and meet your farmer which you should be doing anyway.

Also, we have beef bones, so for those of you with dogs or who want to make the best beef stock in the world, make sure you come and get them.

All Prices are per pound

Fractions of a cow

1/2, 1/4, 1/8 of a cow. Follow the link to read the details.


Ribeye $21.99 per lb
NY Strip $19.99 per lb
Filet Mignon $26.00 per lb
T-bone $19.99 per lb – Special order only
Prime rib $21.00 per lb – Special order only
Shoulder medallion $15.99 per lb
Sirloin Steak $13.99 per lb
Cube steak $9.00 per lb
Flank steak $13.99 per lb
Skirt steak $14.99 per lb
Hanger steak $15.99 per lb
Denver steak $13.50 per lb
Flat Iron $13.99 per lb
Shoulder steak $12.99 per lb
Tri-tip steak $10.50 per lb


Boneless bottom roast $9.00 per lb
Top round roast $10.00 per lb
London Broil $9.00 per lb
Tri-tip roast $10.50 per lb
Beef chuck roast $8.75 per lb
Boneless eye round $9.00 per lb
Rump roast $9.00 per lb
Shoulder roast $9.00 per lb
Sirloin tip roast $9.00 per lb

Everything else

Hamburger $7.99
Osso Bucco $8.49 per lb
Ox Tail per lb $7.99 per lb
Beef boneless, for Stew $7.99 per lb 

Brisket $9.25 per lb
Ground beef $8.75 per lb
Ground chuck $11.00
Ribs $7.00 per lb
Beef bones $3.99 per lb
Liver $4.99 per lb
Tongue $5.00 per lb
Heart $3.99 per lb

The cows that we raise are primarily a black Angus breed. There is a little bit of Hereford in the bloodlines, because Herefords give better milk than Angus. This helps the calves do better, especially in the early stages of their lives.

The cows that we raise are born on our farm, live here all their lives, and only go off farm once. They spend their entire life, well past feeder size on our farm and reaches maturity here, where they were born. Our cows are pasture fed, except during the winter where they are supplemented with hay because there simply isn’t enough grass in the winter.

The hay is bought locally from one of my employees who owns a farm, and from a customer who does the same. So the short version of that is our cows eat grass and local hay. Our cows are NOT certified organic. For more on organic certification and why we may choose not to bother, you can read this article.

Once our cow is ready to be harvested, we load it on a trailer and go to one of three abattoir, Chaudhry’s Halal Meats in Siler City, Micro Summit Processors in Micro, or Acre Station Meat Farm in Pinetown, NC. All will humanely process the animal, age the beef properly and safely, then cut, wrap, pack, etc. The average weight for cows is about 650 pounds of meat, dressed. This is 650 pounds of flank steak, hamburger, t-bone, strip steak, neck bones, stew meat, etc. All the cuts are there, not just steak. You do need to know that some cuts are mutually exclusive. If you get t-bone steaks, you don’t get filet mignon. That’s because filets are simply the tender part of the T-bone, strip steak is the other side. If you want to have filets for dinner, then carve the T-bone into parts and you’ll have a big filet, a NY strip, and a bone for the dog. If you like a lot of flavor, cook the steak with the bone in, if not, trim it out, your choice. I generally spec about 50% hamburger, and 50% other cuts.

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