Update for May 2020.

Pricing is not updated to current. Market conditions are changing things too rapidly. In store pricing is current. These prices are for reference only at this time.

End of update

We are fortunate to carry products from  Simply Natural Creamery in Ayden, NC.


We routinely carry:

Whole milk – $6.75 per gallon
Chocolate milk – $5.00 per 1/2 gallon
Chocolate milk $2.50 per pint
Cream – $5.00 per pint
Salted and unsalted butter – $9.50 per pound
Ice cream – $5.93 per pint

And we carry cow and goat cheeses.

We also carry raw cow and goat milk (and milk products like cheese, yogurt, butter, etc) for pet use or for human use as part of our herd share program, in compliance with Senate Bill 711.

For the latest on our milk availability, follow this link.