Pet milk

Update as of June 10, 2018

We have officially stopped milking on the main farm. We now only milk at one of our leased farms. We will be out of cows milk from now till August/September of 2018. We are working to have goats milk available during this time period.

As always, raw milk availability is limited so we cannot guarantee to have milk in the store when you visit. We do try very hard to have it available for you though.

End of update

Raw milk, with NC required warnings
Raw milk, note the cream layer on top of the gallon. Awesome!

We routinely carry raw milk FOR PET USE. The 1/2″ tall letters on the label (required by NC law) should make that clear enough.

This is the real deal, milk, cream, all the goodness nature intended.

Raw milk in refrigerator
Well stocked with milk

Raw cow milk is $11 per gallon, $6 per half gallon.

Raw goats milk is $12 per gallon, $6 per half gallon

47 Replies to “Pet milk”

  1. Hi, is your raw cows milk creamline, or is it consistent in terms of thickness throughout the gallon? How fresh is your raw cows milk?

  2. Does raw milk from grass fed cows have less sugar than milk bought in a grocery store? Does raw milk have a lot of sugar?

  3. I know you are opened tomorrow. I was wondering if you could hold 2 gallons of raw milk. The reason I am asking is tommrrow I would be there when you all open. But I can not because I am dialysis and I be getting treatment when you all open. If you can do this I promise I will be buy to get it when my treatment is done. Thank you

  4. Hi, do you have goat milk? Also I’m wondering if you guys use hormones or any other kind of growth stimulants. Is your goat milk certified organic?

  5. Are you aware that by giving your cows a treat once in a while, you can not say they are truly grass fed. That little bit actually adulterates the milk and taints it and actually causes stomach problems in people who can only drink raw milk. Lots of us are highly sensitive so I will not be able to buy any of your milk. So sorry to hear that. Sally Falllon and Dr. Price would not be pleased to hear about your practice. God bless you.

  6. I’m looking for raw goat milk. I have a place I normally buy from but right now the goats are dried up.

    1. Our milk cows are here on the farm for your inspection. They are grass fed and only given a grain supplement while they are milking as a treat. That is all they get. Well, hay in the winter. They get that.

  7. Oh my goodness! I would love to come purchase raw milk from you and your family. So thankful to have come across your website! -Meaghan Philbrook

  8. Would you like to have some goat milk in the store? I have 2 does I am milking and could bring a small supply each week. Audrey 9193456881

    1. Audrey, Thank you for thinking of us. I don’t believe it would be possible for us to resell raw milk from another dairy. Fortunately, we now have our own goats at another leased farm and we now have our own goats milk for sale for pet use.

      Thank you

    1. We don’t really have large quantities of pet milk. We usually have a few gallons in the fridge most of the time but it goes out as it comes it so we’d never have a bulk purchase amount. Sorry.

  9. I just watched a symposium on Raw Milk and Im blown away from and Westin Price I believe his name is….

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