A farm tour with kids, and a real nutritionist

Yesterday we had a tour scheduled with a family who had more than a passing interest in our beef. Chris contacted me and asked a long list of questions on grass-fed beef, how we feed, etc. I recommended to her that instead of trying to answer all her questions via email, that she instead come out for a tour and we could discuss everything in person. I’m glad that she did because:

  1. We enjoy giving tours of our farm. We’re proud of what we do and think that our program is unique amongst our peers.
  2. There is so much misinformation about grass-fed, grass finished, organic, etc. that in my opinion the only way to really know what you are getting is to go and meet your farmer and see their operation for yourself.
  3. Chris brought her kids with her. Nothing makes you happier to do all the work you do than to see kids eyes light up with the animals, the fruits, etc.
  4. I was able to give Chris’ daughter a driving lesson on the Gator while we rode around and discussed beef, nutrition, pigs, etc.

    It’s always neat to see a kid go from sawing back and forth on the wheel like they do on a toy, to actually steering a tractor across the pasture with confidence. Chris took it all in stride but often parents are amazed at how quickly their kids can pick up things when given the chance. Of course you can’t let them try in the subdivision with cars on the street but out in open pasture they can have a chance to explore and learn. Within a few minutes this little cutie was driving us where we needed to go and was very comfortable.

In the picture above, you can see the cows trying to get more of the squash we were hand feeding. We always try to give visitors a chance to hand feed the cows. Most people don’t expect to get that close to a cow so it’s a treat to have them come right up to you. Also most people don’t expect a cow to eat squash, cucumbers, etc. so that’s a neat experience as well.

Chris promised me some information that she has on glyphosphate and medical side effects that is coming to light in the nutrition world. Expect to see some posts about those in the future.

After the tour, and eating of the last of the grapes from our vines, and picking some raspberries we all went back to the barn to have what my kids would call “boring adult talk.” The kids found a patch of sand in our barn yard and this was the result.

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