For Toya, breakfast on the farm.

Breakfast of champions
Breakfast of champions


Some of my readers have commented on how we eat here. The comments are generally centered around how well we eat. I’m terrible at taking compliments and always deflect them or generally say something stupid. However when it comes to the quality of our meals, I concur. Our friend Toya said she wanted to come over for breakfast when I saw her last. She was kidding of course, but here you go Toya, the kid’s breakfast that next day. Farm fresh eggs, fried ┬áin sausage grease. Ninja cow extra sage breakfast sausage links, pineapple from one of our farmer friends (no he didn’t grow it), and papaya.

The smoothie in the glasses is milk, banana, blueberry, raspberry, and kale. Tastes like ice cream.

Spork on the end eats the hard boiled egg. He swore off all other forms of eggs some time back. There is some sort of rule with the kids, one of them has to not like whatever it is we are cooking. I accuse them of drawing straws because it’s completely random. Spork got the short straw on eggs.

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