Freezer cleanout sale!

Calling all dog lovers and fatback lovers.

Yesterday we brought home our latest load of fresh beef. As part of getting everything ready, Lucy cleaned out one of our freezers so it could defrost before all the beefy goodness showed up. In the bottom of the freezer we’d tucked away beef hearts, kidneys, salted fatback, things like that. Rather than put all that stuff back into a freezer, we popped it into our emergency backup freezer which normally isn’t running. We are going to hold this stuff through the weekend and we are blowing it out for you fine folks.

Princess with a beef heart
The Princess, modeling a beef heart. One of seven we have on hand.

If you are a dog lover we have all the awesome bits for you. Today and tomorrow, we will be selling everything in that freezer for $1.00 per pound. Whatever it is. Just come in and ask to look through the pile of stuff and see if Fido can get some awesome treats for this weekend. We also have a bunch of salted fatback from our delicious, never grain fed pigs.

We’ll be open today from 2-6 and tomorrow from 8-5. Just pop in and take a look around. We’ve completely changed the store and we have new products showing up today. I haven’t even had time to write about them yet.

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