Freezer update for Wednesday May 20th 2020

We brought in a cow last Friday to finally get some beef back in stock. By Saturday the freezer was already looking sad. It was crazy busy as everyone waited to show up when beef was back in stock. Luckily we have another cow going shortly so we should be ok for the next little while.

Pork continues to be well stocked, although it is from our partner farm and not our pigs. The good needs is that means pork is 20% off and it is available.

Chicken is going to be this week! When I met Christy to pick it up. She explained that she meant “I’m going to start processing chickens this week. You can’t have any till next week. Ugh! We still have guinea hen and rabbit a plenty right now so we’ll be fine till next week when chicken shows back up. When it does, they will be whole chickens only for a while.

Milk is well stocked. A little less raw this week than last week, but we actually had 1.5 gallons left over from last week so we had more than we needed.

Goat was supposed to come in this week. But your farmer is a forgetful idiot and forgot to get it when he was at the farm picking up the milk. It will be next week.

Lastly, some of the freezer pics look a bit dark. I was in a terrible hurry and didn’t turn on the lights in the store to take the pics. Thought they’d be ok. Didn’t realize till now they weren’t. There is more product in their than it looks.

Beef freezer, left side
There is more product than it looks. The pic is just dark.
beef freezer with stock shown
I turned the light on for this one
chicken freezer
Lots of feet came in this week. All you chicken feet users will be happy.
egg cooler
milk cooler full
We got in more of the yummy goat cheese from Cooterville. The last sold out quickly.
milk cooler right side
pork freezer stocked up
pork freezer right side
This is another one of those dark pics. There is more there than it looks like.
premium left side
Plenty of BBQ, pasta, and beef ribs
premium right side
Still plenty of seafood

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