Fresh produce will be for sale this Saturday

You’ve asked for it. We’ve got it. Lee’s Produce will be here this Saturday to display and sell fresh produce at the farm.

We’ve been working with Lee’s for years. They were the first farm where we ever picked up produce. If you’ve been here for a tour and heard the story about how we received two five gallon buckets that very first day, the blonde lady in the picture above is who I received it from. (Hi Lynn!)

We’ve always enjoyed a special relationship with Lee’s and when we wanted to have someone out to offer fresh produce, Lee’s is who we called. The picture above is from our open barn day in May.¬†With our pet the piggy event this Saturday (which will be smaller, I promise!) we are having Lee’s back out.

For our regulars, that means you can get a taste of what we have coming in the future with fresh produce for sale here at the farm (yes we’ve heard you!). We aren’t quite there yet on doing it full time, but the success of days like tomorrow is how we judge what we are doing next so if you want your produce and meat in the same place, stop by and do a bit of shopping.

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