A funny comic from Gran-SWMBO

Southern comic by Scott Hilburn, from Gran-SWMBO's page a day calendar.
Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn, from Gran-SWMBO’s page a day calendar.

You may not know it but we live in a house divided. No, not Carolina and Duke, nothing that dramatic. No we are a house divided horizontally, by the Mason-Dixon line. Darling SWMBO is a yankee and my family has been part of North Carolina since the 1500s. There is a never-ending feud over North/South relations. And after 13 years of marriage, I’m fairly certain the South is winning. My yankee wife is raising a boy who hunts and girls who can kill and clean their own chickens.

Fortunately my yankee mother-in-law has moved down as well and provides me with funny cartoons like the one above, in addition to all the wonderful things she does as a grandma and as a mother-in-law. Unfortunately, having your family move down with you elevates you from yankee to damn yankee. However SWMBO seems not the least perturbed by her moniker, as long as I remember she is SWMBO first.

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