A funny video and a good song, especially for kids in school.

First off, full disclosure. This is not a farming related post. On our farm we do home school our children so I guess you could say this is a home school related post instead.

Second, this video is done by Weird Al Yankovic, not one of my favorite artist. He’s had a few flash in the pan successes but frankly I didn’t even know the guy was still alive. And to see he looks exactly like he did from the 90s, including the long hair, doesn’t make me feel like he’s progressed any. However for some reason I clicked on the link for his new song and I have to say I’m glad I did. Like all of Al’s music, it’s a parody of a famous song, this time Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines which became famous apparently for being a video where the models were partially naked. Don’t worry, that’s not the version I linked above.

Weird Al’s version is “Word Crimes” and has a clever video that mocks the current generation’s inability to write appropriately. You know, “C U LTR” and the like. Sorry, I had to hunt for something as an example, I don’t even know how to write like that. SWMBO and I both are sticklers for proper grammar in your writing. Not to say that I don’t play fast and loose with the words and sentence structure on occasion and goodness knows, I make enough typos to flunk English, but we do have the knowledge and the habit of writing clearly and properly. In fact what I hear often when I meet someone who has followed our blog for some time is a compliment on my writing style which always baffles me because I don’t have a style, I just write.

Anyway, I think we may have found our theme song for discussions with our kids when they start texting; which based on my current feelings should be when they hit 30 or so. Maybe 40 for the girls, or after I’m dead. Whichever comes first.

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