What we get from the farmers market every day

If you’ve been here, you’ve heard that we don’t feed commercial feed to our animals. Instead we feed produce from the farmer’s market in Raleigh. Maybe you were lucky enough to pop in when the truck rolled up and see what we were talking about but usually we are out picking up produce and the food we do have on hand is already being fed.

Saturday¬†I received a routine summer call from Miguel. “Can you bring the big trailer and come to the market?”

You see, we don’t often know what we’re getting till we show up. Sometimes we can get everything on one load. Sometimes it’s two loads on the regular truck and trailer. Sometimes we take the box truck for our second load. And sometimes I jump in my truck and take our 36′ trailer and get the additional load. On Saturday I got the call to come get a big load.

Big trailer loaded with produce
The big trailer, loaded all the way.

We stack the produce, and restack it, so we can get as much in every square foot as possible. This is 16 pallets of food on one trailer.

Big trailer loaded with food.
Adam’s last day, we got our money’s worth on this trip

In the distance, you can see our normal truck and trailer also loaded.

A regular load of produce, leaving the market
A regular load of produce, leaving the market

Here is a better view of that truck and trailer. This is another 10 pallets of food, at least. That gives us a total of 26 pallets of food, all of which would have gone to the landfill had we not come by and picked it up. Nearly all of this will get fed to the animals, and the pallets and cardboard will be recycled.

Just another day on the farm.

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