Gift baskets for fathers day

Me – Wait! Why do I have to be in the picture?

SWMBO – Because you are a dad!

Me – But why can’t I just use a generic picture? Like this?

Gift basket available for sale
Gift basket available for sale

SWMBO – What?! It’s sitting on top of the freezer and you just snapped an iPhone pic of it. There are probably cobwebs on it. Did you even look?!

Me – Sure…maybe. It’ll be fine, what’s the big deal?

SWMBO – Get out here and hold the stupid thing. It’s father’s day and you are a father.

Me – But I don’t want to. Doesn’t being father’s day mean I can do what I want?

SWMBO – Shutup and hold the basket. No not there, come outside.

Me – Shuffle, shuffle, grumble, grumble.

SWMBO – Ok! Pretend you’re happy. 

SWMBO – You look constipated! And there is a squirrel in the background! Can’t you just pretend you are happy for 2 seconds?

Me – I thought I was happy. I can’t fake this. Can’t we just use my picture?

SWMBO – Just one more. 

Me – There, that’s as happy as I can be. Can we go home so I can eat this stuff rather than holding it?

SWMBO – Fine, go put the basket back. Some poor wife is going to need something for her husband on father’s day and you have paw prints all over that one.

So… we have gift baskets for sale. The way it works is you only pay normal pricing for the goodies in the basket. The basket, bow, wrap, etc is free (no really, it’s not a scam) so in reality you’re getting a cool present for dad for the cost of the stuff he’s gonna eat anyway. Plus if he’s a cool dad he’ll use the stuff in the basket to make your dinner because that’s what dad’s do so it’s a win-win.

You can wander around the store and pick whatever you want for the basket so you can really get dad what he likes. We have different sizes and SWMBO makes them for you to order. Swing by the store tomorrow 2-6 and pick one up for dad, or come on Saturday and you can sample Alarita products with their folks on site to answer questions and get a goodie basket.

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