We are going to be on the Eastern Triangle Farm Tour September 23-24th

This year we are going to be on the farm tour again. I remember the first year we did it, we were completely freaked out that we’d not be able to handle all the people. Why, there could be HUNDREDS of people on the farm! After some of the events we’ve had this year, I think a few hundred people on the farm should be relaxing.

Not to diminish the event. We really enjoy the CFSA farm tour. It brings a lot of people in that we wouldn’t otherwise reach and gives us a chance to show them why we are different. The number one comment we receive is, “I didn’t know this was back here.” We really are tucked right off of a major road and we’re only 15 minutes from downtown Raleigh. We often have first time customers who have been driving hours to buy what we quietly carry in our little store every day. Getting the word out is our biggest need.

So far, the best part of being on the tour was that our friend Taylor from Farm Bureau was selected to do the write-up on us for CFSA. Taylor is a master wordsmith and always sees the best in everyone, even me. I was excited to see what she’d write about us. I was not disappointed. 

Hop over to the link above and see how cool the write-up is, and if you are so inclined, purchase some tickets for the farm tour. For one fixed price, you can visit as many farms as you want on Saturday and Sunday. Or you can volunteer at one farm for one day, and get free admission for the second day. All the money goes to a good cause and almost everyone involved, including the farmers, are volunteers.

Most of the farms on the CFSA tour are not open to the public daily so it’s really a treat to get to see these farms and learn about what they do.

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