It’s going to be a good day

This morning at first light I received a text from Dustin. Have you seen this rainbow? I looked out the window and the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen was crossing the sky. The sun had not even come up yet so it was just false dawn. However the rainbow was catching the brighter light that was still not hitting the farm. This made for a deep colored, brightly lit rainbow against a relatively dark world. It was stunning. I ran outside and snapped this picture. A minute later, it was gone. Just a transient beauty, which made it all the more special.

I think it’s going to be a good day.

Rainbow on the day of the Open Barn Day
Our start to the morning at first light

Update from one of the families on the farm. Better picture.

Full rainbow on open barn day
Wow. Just wow.

SWMBO and Lucy were in the store till late last night, receiving in new products, restocks, entering items into the system, and pricing everything so we don’t hear “How much is this?” 200 times today.

The store just before barn day
The store, just before our big event

This is the first time we’ve had the store fully stocked since we expanded it this winter. It’s starting to look pretty nice.

The new display refridgerator
Our new display fridge is finally put together and stocked

The new display fridge has already been worth it’s weight in gold. Now instead of everything being crammed into one little fridge we can space things out and have it more organized.

Stocked shelves in the store
The shelves are fully stocked.

We have lots of new products I haven’t blogged about yet. All are on display and available for sale.

More shelves stocked in the store.
The other side of those shelves
Display cabinet stocked
One of our display cabinets
Our old fridge, now properly stocked instead of being crammed together
Our old fridge, now properly stocked instead of being crammed together

We are as ready as we can be for today. We’ve already had a great start with our rainbow. He have lots of friends coming to help. Now we’ll see who shows up to visit.

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