Good morning, last day of ice and snow!

Full moon overlooking a frozen farm
Full moon overlooking a frozen farm

This morning I headed to the barn to check on our milk cow who is feeling poorly. It’s another snowy, icy day where nobody can get to work here on the farm, we can’t go get food, and basically everything has come to a standstill except the critters still want to eat. Spork and I will be feeding short rations today but everyone will be fine thanks to our friends at Tart’s Produce in Dunn, NC. 

Tart’s is one of the farmers we’ve picked up from forever. They had a trailer of pumpkins he was saving for his cows but they got old and he got busy and he called us to see if we wanted them. In the middle of winter? Absolutely! We filled a 7×14 dump trailer (with sideboards) with pumpkins and a few sweet potatoes and corn shucks to fill in the gaps. That’s hand loaded, about 16,000 pounds.

That trailer is what has carried us through this winter storm. Today we’ll feed the rest of the pumpkins and tomorrow we’ll be back to the market to collect all the produce that has gone bad while nobody could shop. We should be loaded with produce this week and everyone will eat heartily once we get some food coming in on Monday.

However before all that happens, we have to slog through another frozen day here. Luckily I was greeted with a beautiful moon on a clear day to start my day. I couldn’t help but take a picture of it. Of course, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Star Wars meme, that's no moon.
Still haven’t seen the new Star Wars. How long till it comes out on video?

Today we’ll be meeting the vet to look at our milk cow, feeding all the critters, and maybe getting back in the shop to do some work. Spork has decided to take his creativity to the next level, but that’s another post.

Full moon over a frozen farm
That’s not the sun, it’s the moon. It wasn’t nearly that bright outside yet. It’s just the exposure.

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