Grass fed beef, part 1

You wouldn’t know it to read this blog but the reason we are here is to produce grass fed beef for sale direct to the customer. Of course we also raise pigs, veggies, chickens, and children so all that makes it into the blog. The reason you wouldn’t know about the beef is because we haven’t produced any beef for sale in a few years. Yes I have sold a few cows to the market to cull out some bloodlines I didn’t like and I have sold some cows with attitude problems because so didn’t want to deal with them but to actually take a cow to the abbatoir and get back meat in packaging has been way too long.

There are a few reasons for this.

1. We had a big reset on our herd. We sold off some cows I wasn’t pleased with and didn’t want to carry forward into our genetics. Part of the reason for culling so aggressively was we had an even bigger reset on our pastures and began daily rotations with the cows, which has been well documented here. With a new grazing method, we needed less cows eating grass till we were good and established. So I culled back to just our breeding stock and a bull.

Tomorrow, part 2.

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