Happiness is a full bag of squeaky cheese

So I’m in my office, working away on paperwork, emails, etc. And on this particular morning, I’m hungry. SWMBO said no breakfast this morning when I asked, which is probably smart because the scale isn’t exactly at record lows at the moment. Nothing dramatic but skipping a meal wouldn’t kill me, especially since I’m desk bound this morning, and truck bound all afternoon.

But I’m hungry (insert whining here). And it’s hard to work when you are hungry. Then I remembered!! Squeaky cheese came in on Wednesday! I scurried down to the store and snagged a full bag and ran back to my office to hide away, work away, and squeak away.

There is still some left in the fridge if you need your fix as well. We ordered extra this time. No idea how long it will last but we are open today from 2-6 and tomorrow from 8-5. I wouldn’t recommend coming on Saturday at 5pm.

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