Hello from the farm

I’ve decided I’m going to write the definitive book on internet marketing. I feel my unbridled success as an internet marketer uniquely qualified me as an expert. Here is my rough draft.

Step 1. Content is king. You have to supply your audience with consistent, engaging content. When you look at what we do here on the farm, we post exciting content every… um. Scroll back a bit further…. Crap does that say December?

Ok, I suck at writing content lately. Like the last year plus. Here is the dirty truth. Back when I used to work in corporate, I had terrible insomnia. Most nights I’d get a few hours of sleep, at best. Sometimes none at all. What could I do to take my mind off my day job and its stress? How about writing about a calmer, happier topic. Cows, pigs, funny stories of happenings on the farm. I wrote those at 2am. Usually during the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. Getting a few hundred words down would help with my stress levels. If nothing else it made that time productive.

Now I am cursed with relatively sound sleep. Plus my time spent at my desk overall is greatly reduced compared to those days. Now I barely have any time at my desk at all. When I do get there, there is a stack of bills, questions to answer, accounting work to be done. All things that have a higher priority on my time (hard to farm when the power has been turned off from lack of payment) so I end up knocking out the must-dos before the to-dos and writing just hasn’t been a must do. With that said, I’m taking a bit of time this morning, before I head out, and get some updates out so at least you know our status.

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