Herd Share renewals

Raw milk in refrigerator

Once per year, we need to update our herd share memberships and now is the time for those of you who are part of our program.

If you don’t recall (and all the original details are here in this post), it is simply the cost of a gallon of milk to be a member. We try to make it as painless as possible for you. But it is an important membership, as it allows us to be compliant with NC laws, Senate Bill 711 to be specific.

You just just pay in the store when you come in, so it isn’t complicated. We are required to renew this membership once per year under NC law.

Raw milk, with NC required warnings
Raw milk, and all it’s warnings

If you don’t want to be a member, that is fine. But you will have to buy your milk under the old NC law which allowed for selling milk not for human consumption. The milk will cost a few dollars more, and it will have a large sticker on it to comply with that law. We also will want to know that you are feeding it to your goldfish, not to your kids.

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