Holly finds out she is a pig

Sunday it was over 70 degrees and sunny. After Spork and I did all of our farm chores and went to the market to pick up the days produce, we retired to the house and some chairs we have parked out front. Holly was busy running around the barn having a large time. I tried to get her to follow us to the house but she wouldn’t hear of it, insisting on staying at the barn and by her new mansion of a home.

Finally I grabbed her and picked her up to carry her to the house. She screamed bloody murder the entire way, barely pausing to breath. Once I finally sat her down on the ground she immediately started poking around in the thick mulch we have in our front bed. Since she was born, Holly has been inside a barn, on gravel, on concrete and on hard packed dirt. She hasn’t really been on soft soil before so I’m not sure she knew quite what her rooter was for. In fact, I think she thought she was more puppy than pig but after a few minutes of being in the mulch, this is what he had.

We spent the entire afternoon outside, reading, drinking wine, and watching Holly and Ruby play in the yard. It was over 70 degrees and life doesn’t get any better. Especially if you are a pig.

For you eagle eyed viewers, yes, I’m drinking wine out of a solo cup. Our kitchen is still destroyed so we only have paper cups and plates. Hopefully we will be back in our kitchen in about 30 days, Lord willing.

I’ll be posting some video later of Holly and Ruby playing together. It’s a riot.

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