Hot dogs are here!!

Sophie from Weeping radish with a hotdog delivery
Currently my favorite person on Earth

Oh thank God! I can finally eat real food again. This things-the-wife-hasn’t-poisoned diet has been a bear. ┬áBut my savior has arrived. Sophie with The Weeping Radish has shown up with 75 lbs of hot dogs and all is well in the world again. I’ve already squirreled them away in the back freezer as I know we have lots of pre-orders. Then of course SWMBO will get her share. But there should be plenty of hot dogs for all for today and tomorrow. Sophie thinks we’ll see her again next Friday, with Liverwurst, more root beer, and maybe sauerkraut. In the mean time, I know what I’m having to eat as soon as possible.

Weeping Radish Hotdogs, Weeping Radish sauerkraut, and Lusty Monk mustard. Oh, so good!!

We are open from 2-6 today, and from 8-5 tomorrow. Come get your hot dog fix. Just make sure you leave me some.

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