We have a hot new product in the store

Kefir from Carolina Farmhouse Dairy
Kefir, or what’s left of it

So Lucy told me that Carolina Farmhouse Dairy had kefir for sale.

“Mmm huh. Yeah, I think they said that.”

“We should get that.”

“Uh huh, yeah. Probably. Not right now.”

“It would sell.”

“Yeah, sure it would.”

“They have one with tumeric, and ones with fruit flavors, and plain. People would really buy it I think.”

“Uh huh.”

So finally I remembered Lucy asking about it and then remembered to ask Cindy at the dairy if I could have some samples. I’ve made kefir before so I’m familiar with it. But we are limited on refrigerator space and I didn’t need kefir clogging up the fridge. I figured a few samples wouldn’t be too bad for space and it would keep Lucy happy for a bit.

5 hours after the samples showed up. “The samples are all gone.”

“Huh? Already?”

Hmm, I think they call this a clue in the trade.

I hit up Cindy and made a special trip to get three cases of kefir. That was on a Friday.

Saturday afternoon. “All the kefir is gone.”

“What?! Already?!”

We are going on another special trip today to restock on kefir. Three more cases. On Monday I’m going to look at a new fridge. We stock what you guys buy. We’re stocking kefir going forward.

Swing by tomorrow 2-6 or Saturday 8-5 and get some. Apparently it’s awesome. I wouldn’t know because it’s sold before I can get near it.

Score one for Lucy.

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