How do you answer the tough questions?

The other day I let you know we had lots of pork show up from the processor. What I didn’t tell you is that Holly helped with putting it away. I didn’t ask her to, but she insisted.

Piglet looking at pork chops.
Holly checking out the new arrivals

All was going well. I had all the meat in boxes and was simply transferring everything from boxes to the freezers, organizing, sorting, etc. Holly was happy running around. She had a full belly of multiple yogurts and other than being underfoot constantly everything was going well.

Piglet looking at box of pork
Holly, reading the labels?

Then suddenly things took a turn for the worse. Holly started looking in the boxes and asking questions.

“What is this?”

“Stuff for customers.”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Sausage, bacon, roasts, chops, that kind of stuff.”

“Where did you get it?”

“At the processor.”

“They make it there?”

“Um, yeah. They sure do. ”

“Out of what?”

“Uh, out of meat.”

“What meat?”

“Um, the meat I take there for them to make it with. Hey, look! The door is open, why don’t you go play outside!”

“Nah, it’s cold out there. Where do you get the meat you take them?”

“I buy it. On, um,  Amazon. That’s what all those boxes are for that show up all the time. Would you like some more yogurt? I can open some more for you?”

“Nah, I’m full. Maybe later. They sell meat on Amazon? What kinds?”

“All kinds. They have everything.”

“Where do they get the meat?”

“I think they have an arrangement with The Stork. He does a lot of deliveries all over.”

“Oh, ok. I think I’d like some yogurt now.”

Oh, thank God!

“Sure, let’s go back to your room and I’ll hook you up. Do you want blueberry or strawberry?”

“Both. Hey, those pigs you had on the trailer the other day. Where did you take them? You said they went for a ride but they didn’t come back with you.”

Hey, look at the time! It’s almost time for a customer to show up. Let’s finish and get ready! Hurry hurry!”

Amazon? Oh good Lord what have I done?

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