How the government is getting into your food (and a political rant)

So the following article popped up on Fox News last week about how the government is getting more involved in your food.

Article on Fox News

I thought I’d go through the ten items and give my two cents, for whatever that’s worth (probably not 2 cents)

#1. Meh, if they’d stayed out of the low fat BS in the first place, we wouldn’t be dealing with transfats now. More bans lead to more problems.

#2. Interesting comment on how raw milk is akin to ground beef. You’d think raw milk would kill you on sight based on how it’s treated. I don’t know how many gallons of it we’ve consumed and have yet to die. I don’t blink at eating a rare hamburger, the same goes for raw milk.

#3. Bloomburg is the worst of the nanny state ideologues, period.

#4. I just mentioned the farm bill. Enough said there.

#5. Menu labeling. They can’t say it’s GMO on the label, but they can require all the other things we don’t need to know to be on the menu. What’s this going to do? I guess we’ll get an End User License Agreement (EULA) before we dine like we do on every piece of software. Everyone reads those, right?

#6. Food trucks are awesome. I really like how some of them operate and really step out on their menu and their ingredients. I haven’t eaten menudo from the food truck yet, but I’m sure I will someday. I have eaten tacos in my bedroom slippers while driving a gator. That was a fine dinner.

#7. This is monumentally stupid. We tax working Americans. We then take that tax money, at the point of a gun, btw and give it to farmers to artificially lower the price of corn while simultaneously charging tarriffs on sugar to make sugar less competitive. Corporations then make a product that people want, using cheap corn syrup as a sweetener which makes a soda 99 cents while a bottle of water is 3 dollars. We then use taxing authority, which was never intended to be punitive, to tax the soda because soda is bad. Less laws make for better results, not more.

#8. Good, this is the free market working.

#9. This was a scary one. The new rules were onerous and left very little room for small producers, which is exactly the type of producer consumers want from farmers markets and farm to consumer setups. Knowing your farmer is the best safety system their is. Large corporations want complex regulations because it creates a huge barrier to entry for competition.

#10. I agree with the point here. If a kid nagging for McDonalds is why you stop, then you’re fooling yourself. You stop because it’s easier. Being a parent isn’t about easier. If you wanted easier you should have stayed in college and not scheduled any classes before 10am. Being a parent is about being unpopular with your kids and enforcing a code of conduct that includes what goes in their mouths. Do our kids get desert? Yep. Arsenic in low levels won’t kill you and neither will sugar. However there has to be proper balance to a diet. Even McDonalds won’t kill you although we never eat fast food as a choice. Has stopping beer ads changed the drunk driving results? Underage consumption? I honestly don’t know but I doubt it.

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