How to stop heartburn easily and without medicine

As many of you know, I’ve lost a bunch of weight. January 2013 my darling SWMBO decided that she (and therefor I) was going on a diet. Having been in a household where diets came and went continuously, I had no issue with a diet. What I did have an issue with was having to give up ice cream. Not because it was yummy (it is) but because I used ice cream to treat my heartburn. I probably ate ice cream 4-5 times per week, plus I took antacids another once or twice per week. For those of you doing math, yes, I had heartburn nearly every day. This didn’t really worry me as my father had suffered with heartburn all the years of my life. It came with the job. However with SWMBO saying we were giving up carbs, I was terribly worried that my heartburn would get out of control. So what was the result?

With trepidation I gave up carbs and on day one I had to take an antacid to get through the day. On day three it occurred to me I had somehow had a good day with no heartburn. By day 10 I’d forgotten what it was like to have heartburn. Folks, I gave up carbs and my chronic heartburn disappeared, period. I can recreate it whenever I want simply by dosing on carbs for a day. With all this in mind, I thought I’d share this blog post about heartburn. I never made it past step 2 so I cannot comment on the rest, but I can tell you step one worked like a champ and no doctor every mentioned anything about carbs, exactly as this guy describes.

Here is the link to the blog post.

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