I was just gone for a few days

So I left town for a few days. Everything was working ok when I left and all the bases were covered. I get back at about 2am and am at work the next day till late so this morning is the first time I can go check on things.

I get up and find my able interns cleaning up a mess where the paddock hot wire is down, broken, and tangled. What a mess.


Then I note that the waterer is leaking quite merrily and the pasture is soaked and pugged. Also, the quick connect union in the ground has standing water in it so it must be leaking too. Ugh.

So we go to set up the new paddock, and I find that the gate we installed earlier this year won’t lock closed. And the high tensile wire is loose and floppy. Sigh.

We get the new paddock set and turn on the hot wire, which only reads 2.7k volts. Something is wrong with it.

I’m going to work where I hope something is working!

Despite all that, the weather is unbelievably cool and is expected to continue through the weekend. It feels like fall and it’s the middle of August.