I’m a famous writer!

I’ve been published on a blog where I didn’t pay for the hosting and somebody besides my friends actually read it. That makes me famous, right?

All joking aside I’m actually proud to be featured on Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s blog as a guest blogger. Over time I’ve gotten the comment from a lot of customers after reading some of our posts, especially our origin story, that I should be a writer.  I always smile and thank the person but didn’t really do much about it. However now I’m a published blogger.

Since I’m a real writer now, I’ve taken the path of all the great writers and am starving. Turns out blogging doesn’t actually “pay” in the traditional, I can feed my family, sense. I think that’s good. I heard you’re supposed to suffer for your art. I’m sure it will make me better. It kinda of reminds me of when I met Tom Knapp, a famous exhibition shooter. I noted that he and I were wearing the same exact shoes. I walked up and told him I was looking to be as great as he was. I pointed to our shoes, and said I was starting from the ground up. He laughed and we visited for a bit. Great guy.

But back to business. The first two in the four-part series has been posted on their site. The next posts will be published over the following months  so make sure to follow their blog so you can see and follow along.

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