I’m going to school so the store will be closed

Last year when I booked this school, I gave about 3-4 tours per week and most of our tours were on the weekend. This school is taught Monday through Friday, so it didn’t seem like that big of a deal when I booked it. Miguel and Vicente can run the farm and I’m only gone during the day on weekdays so no big deal.

Then this place exploded. Now we give 3-4 tours per day on the weekdays and are slammed on Saturdays. But I’ve already paid for this school and signed up. Nothing to do but to get it over with so beginning next Tuesday, May 10th, I will be closing the store. We will be open on Saturday’s, which is still our busiest day and we’ve yet to run out of pickup appointments on a Saturday so everyone should be able to get in. I’m going to have to skip school some to go and pick up inventory from our other farmers one day each week and I’ll figure out how to get that done. But that means any extra time I’d have to run back and meet someone is already taken by my driving all over NC picking up goodies.

If you absolutely have to get in here during the week, during the next three weeks, email me and let me know and I will try to get the girls/the wife/Spork to meet you and get you taken care of. It’s our intention to make sure you are taken care of but please understand I won’t be my normal responsive self for the next three weeks. After May 27th, things are back to normal and I’ll be here my normal six days per week to meet you.

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