Father’s day blueberry muffins

Father’s day will be here on Sunday. Let’s surprise dad with muffins using Mimi’s old tavern beer bread. Sounds different I know but instead of using beer, I used a very berry hard cidar and added blueberries. 

What is great about Mimi’s is it’s easy, vegan, no soy, non-gmo and no corn. So not only clean ingredients..she is from North Carolina!

The directions are so simple. Open bag into bowl, pour a flavored hard cidar to match your fresh fruit of choice.

I use a melon baller scoop and chose to use mini muffin pans. Bake at 350 for roughly 12 min. and top with granulated  sugar. I like to add the surar at the end because it seems to melt if sprinkled before baking. While still hot, I broke in half and topped with ashe county butter. As everyone knows, I stopped buying kerrygold butter because I just LOVE ashe county rolled butter. This recipe, in mini muffin size, made 18. I froze the rest for the kids and grand-kids.

Next, I’ll be doing a version that includes gouda cheese and stout beer. Stay tuned!

Mimi’s Ham & Cheese Beer Soft Pretzel Bites

Need a Saturday pick me up to chase away boring weekend food? Come out to the farm visit the cows and pick up the ingredients for a fabulous snack. Let’s make some Mimi’s Ham & Cheese Beer Soft Pretzel Bites. This recipe is straight from Lin Johnson-Carlson founder of Mimi’s Mountain Mixes.

This is one dish I saw disappear quickly. I changed up the ingredients a bit to incorporate what I could find in the NCF store. The change  worked great and  my oh my what a snack.   The Redneck Romano was subbed for swiss cheese . It was the perfect substitute.  Redneck Romano has just a bit more flavor than you traditional Swiss. I think I’ll be using it more from here on out. The Lusty Monk was exchanged for Beer Mustard. Once again more flavor. The heat of baking mellowed the spicy punch. Rutabaga was hesitant to try one but was quickly hooked & ate 4. Lasty I used our Deli Ham made with our pigs by Weeping Radish. The thickness of the ham gave a more filling bite.


“Your purchase of MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES helps Mimi support women and children’s shelters and provide internships for some AWESOME LADIES that are referred to Mimi by those same awesome organizations.”