Creamy cucumber salad

Need a cucumber recipe to use up a surplus of cucumbers? Or how about a salad recipe that can be whipped up quickly for a group gathering? I grew up with my mom cooking from scratch for every meal and I loved her cucumber salads but as I grew older i discovered I just can’t eat a lot sugar anymore so I took her basic recipe and modified to suite my taste.

I am not a fan of the traditional waxed cucumbers unless I remove all the seeds and by that point a great deal of the cucumber is gone. So I always prefer the english ones. Fourth of july is coming up so make a batch and watch it disappear.

Flank steak with creamy chimichurri sauce

We always sell out of Ribeye,  NY strip, filet Mignon steaks quickly. What we have a healthy supply of are the flank steaks. Maybe it’s because there is uncertainty on how to cook it or patrons didn’t realize how good they can be. Either way, my plan is to covert more followers to this tasty choice cut.  I plan to share a few of my favorite recipes using flank steaks.

This was a .85 lb of flank steak and it fed 4 of us comfortably with a little leftover. The recipe is for 4-6 people and I decided to half it since 2 lbs of steak is a huge amount for us.

Our sides tonight were fried cabbage/onions in bacon grease and alarita dry rub creamy cucumber salad (I will share this recipe another day for a quick side to a meal). This was a  meal didn’t take long to prepare and tasted like summer.  The steak can be placed in sink with cool water to defrost in time for an evening meal.

There is enough steak left over for a salad tomorrow and I plan to thin the sauce for the dressing. Too bad my husband is traveling this week as he will miss out on a great lunch for work …lol


Alarita Citrus Pork Roast

Dan has been writing on the blog about all the taste testing on the farm, we’ve all put on a few extra pounds with it.  Now the products that we are going to carry have been handed off to me to make yummy lunches and dinners with.  Luckily I have a husband  & daughter who are adventurous eaters for the most part.

Today I’m aiming  for a savory sweet pork roast. One that livens up the dinner plate yet is balanced enough to not overwhelm the rest of the dinner. This is where Alarita comes in. Yesterday the sons of Miss La Rita came in with their salsa’s. We got to talking and we were throwing idea’s off of each other like the finals at Wimbledon.

With a pork roast you want to roast it at a low temperature giving the fat time to cook down and spread through the meat. Roughly an hour and fifteen minutes per pound. My favorite temperature to roast pork is at 280 degrees. Today with the citrus involved we are going a bit higher to 300 to get the sugar to play nice.

The Pork Butt & Picnic Roast both come in at $7.50 lb. The roast you see here weigh 2.66. And provide 1 meal for 4 and lunch for me. I had our neighbors Erin & Mark taste test the roast as well. All around everyone loved it. For lunch I used it to make lettuce wraps, and it was definitely just as great the 2nd time around.