Red Beans & Rice with Linguica

Weeping Radish products have been a great addition to the Ninja Cow Farm Store and our own personal pantries.  When we first ordered the new sausages we were faced with lots of decisions. One of the new things we brought in is Linguica. Linguica is a firm peppery sausage made with Red Wine that has Portuguese origins.

I finally sat down and tried it a few weeks back, Red Beans & Rice came to my mind. During our 7 years in Florida I had many chances to work with folks from other countries. One of my favorite recipes I picked up was out of Puerto Rico from a family friend. In her recipe a homemade sausage was used. It was quite reminiscent of the Linguica we are now carrying in the store. The dried nature of this sausage helps it stand up to the cooking time involved. The flavor is powerful enough to help flavor the dish yet it retains flavors for each bite of the Linguica as well.

The secret to my Red Beans & Rice is a homemade Sofrito. You take onions, peppers, tomatoes, jalapeno, garlic, & cilantro. You cook them all down together for a short while letting the flavors meld. I must confess though. For the 2nd year in a row my onions didn’t grow. And I never got around to planting garlic last year fall. This year though I have grand plans. With my peppers still growing and my cilantro dead I did have to take a trip to the grocery store.  At least my jalapenos & tomatoes are growing well.

This recipe makes a massive amount, feeding at least 10 people if not more.  And it will be more. I froze several meals worth after dinner.  In the Ninja Cow Farm Store we sell Linguica doe $10.50 lb. With only using 1 lb of sausage in this dish along with the remaining ingredients should bring this dish to under $25.  Not to bad for a one dish meal that feeds a crowd.

Chorizo and mussels, with broth of the Gods

In North Carolina, pork is the undisputed king of meat.  It is so versatile that I could cook with it every day and not get bored.  I am going to dedicate my first few recipes to one of my favorite forms of pork–chorizo.

Chorizo is a sausage made from pork shoulder that is typically seasoned with all spice, cloves, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, paprika or ancho chili powder and you can even see fennel seeds in some recipes.

It has a wonderful and complex flavor that is not too spicy unless you kick it up a notch by adding cayenne or various other chiles. Ninja Cow chorizo is ready to roll when you pick it up unless you are craving some heat. I typically remove the meat from the sausage casing and break it up as I saute it in a skillet. You can break it up into small pieces like hamburger meat as pictured or leave it in small, juicy chunks. It just depends on what you are looking for. I wanted to make chorizo mussels with this recipe, so I went for smaller pieces.