Introducing a new author for our blog

One of the joys of running a business is that you meet so many great people. Sometimes you are so fortunate that your customers become your friends.

About a year ago, I had a tour with a couple. This was back when having a few tours a week was a big deal. They show up and it’s Drew and Cat, and their kids, two of which are babies. Well, all three are babies to me, as in under 2 years old but the last two are twins, like shiny new twins. As in a few weeks old. Cat is nonplussed about the whole thing like it’s just another day. I’m trying to imagine three kids under 2 in my house and failing miserably. I think I had a mild panic attack just sitting there thinking about it. Not these guys, they are rock solid. I guess it doesn’t hurt that Cat is a doctor and Drew is a lawyer. Both are overachievers and used to the work I guess.

We have the tour and then Drew buys some meat for the family. He then starts sending me his friends who buy meat, and then sending me texts of the meals he’s making.

Home made pizza
Pizza of the Gods

At first he’s asking me how to cook certain things, asking beginner questions, but quickly he’s way beyond my ability and he’s just sending things that look stunning.

Beef and goodies for dinner
All from scratch, all home cooked

He even put a review on our Yelp page complete with his normal awesome pics. I started getting calls from people wanting to know if we were a restaurant because of his pictures on Yelp. They were dismayed when I told them no, you have to cook it yourself unless you can talk Drew into cooking for you.

I started accusing him of sending food porn to me routinely which only encouraged him. You’ll note that I’ve made a page just for him titled exactly that, food porn. After a year of getting these pictures and recipes, I finally approached Drew and asked him if he’d like to be a contributor on our blog. Considering he’d just started with a new firm, his wife still has a doctor’s job and doctor’s hours, and there are still three little kids running around the house, I was totally prepared for him to say no. Instead he jumped at the opportunity and has already written some initial stuff which will be going up this week. You’ll see more coming from Drew in the future as his imagination and his passion takes him through the culinary world, often with our products but not always. I hope you enjoy the journey with him as much as I have this past year.

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