Introducing our new intern, Justin.

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Our new intern, Justin, on his first day of work.

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This weekend our newest intern, Justin, began working with us on the farm. Justin comes to us with lots of experience in crop production but he is brand new to large animals and mechanization which makes this a perfect internship for him as most of what he’s doing is learning new skills.

As you can see above, the cows were awfully interested in who this new guy was. Of course, they are always interested in anybody who is moving them to fresh grass and bringing them food.

Justin had a few lessons on operating our John Deere tractor and he’s already getting good at picking up produce at the farmer’s markets. Pretty soon he’ll be an old hand at all this farm work. He’s yet to work with Miguel, so we’ll have to see if he can survive the hazing he’ll get there.

Justin also learned how to make chicken food from fresh produce. This is our fancy Craigslist find for grinding produce for the chickens.

We also spent some time on welding, grinding, moving cows, and home surgery. It was a busy first weekend of work. Learning to back the trailer was probably what we spent the most time on. Before the month is out, he’ll be backing around blind corners like a pro. You’ll get to see plenty more of Justin as the months go on.

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