Inventory update as of June 3 2020

I wasn’t able to get any inventory updates out last week. I do apologize. I just wasn’t able to get it done since I was out of town. Also, we had a change in inventory that I’ll address this week. I didn’t want to start a stampede so I let this little fact slip for a week.

Beef is currently very sad. Although we do have a cow at the processor right now so hopefully I’ll have beef fully stocked this coming Friday.

Pork is fairly well stocked. Most of it is from another farm, as we’ve been doing these past few weeks. But yesterday I picked up two of our hogs from the processor (last appointment I could get till OCTOBER! Argh!!) We have ground pork, pork chops, butts, etc from these hogs so we have a mix of our pork and other pork again.

Chicken is back in stock! That is the big news that I was hinting at. Last week we received 28 whole chickens. This is the first chicken we’ve seen since March so happy days! The people who happened by this past week had a pleasant surprise. This week, not only did we receive whole chickens, we also received parts and pieces which was a surprise. Christy had told us to expect whole chickens for a while but getting breasts and thighs and wings was welcome news. We only have some much of the cut pieces but we are well stocked on whole birds.

Goat and rabbit are still in stock. They are limited quantities as always but we do have them on hand.

Raw milk, as always, is well stocked. We continue to get requests from people to “hold some milk” for them. We simply don’t do this. Too many times we’ve gotten stuck with milk for people who never showed up. I’m sorry. We also get inquiries about why we don’t just get more milk since we run out every week, especially from new customers who want to buy 3-5 gallons at once (which we also don’t do). We are limited by how much milk the cows can physically produce each week. That seems to surprise people when I explain that. If we could get more milk, I’d be limited by how much milk I can physically store in the fridge at our dairy farm. If we bought another fridge there, I’d be physically limited by how much milk I can carry on our freezer trailer. Trust me, we put all the milk in the store that we can, every week.

Beef freezer right side
The beef freezer is sad and lonely. We do still have some oxtail.
Beef freezer left side
sausage freezer
We are fairly well stocked on sausage currently. And loco pops are fresh for this season.
Milk fridge right side
Milk fridge left side
Raw and pasteurized milk are both well stocked
Egg cooler
Eggs are well stocked with full inventory
Premium freezer right side
We have new products in this freezer. Chicken pot pie. Shephards pie. All kinds of cool new stuff.
Premium freezer left side
Pasta and seafood are also well stocked
pork freezer right side
Pork is well stocked
pork freezer left side
Chicken freezer
Chicken is back!!

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