It gets worse before it gets better

Another happy picture of milking.

What you don’t see is the previous 30 minutes of chasing Spunky across the pasture like an episode of Benny Hill, but in the dark and in the rain. Spunky managed to get her new halter off yesterday so there was no leading her. She wouldn’t come to food this morning because she knew what was up. Her recalcitrant ninja cow offspring of course went the opposite direction of where any other cow would go every single time making matters worse. We eventually got Spunky to the parlor and milking. The happy looks you see here are more like relief. I think tomorrow is either going to go better or she is going to be put in solitary till she gets back in the habit of milking. We will see.

It should take about a week for her to get back in the habit so hopefully this was the worst day.

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