It’s alive!!

I wrote previously about how we lost power at the barn and in the process lost not one but two of our freezers. One freezer was a backup freezer so no big deal. The other however was our beef freezer in the store. This is one of the two commercial freezers we use to hold the majority of our product.

To say it was a pain in the posterior having this freezer dead is an understatement. We had to cram everything into out backup freezers to get it to fit, which we did. The downside to that is now everything is disorganized and hard to find. Kuddos to Lucy who worked hard to keep everything shuffled so we could find our product as best we could.

The worst part of the freezer being down was not that it happened. No, the worst part is that it took from June 24th to yesterday to get the part in to fix it! A month and a half to get a 2″x5″ circuit board for a major brand commercial freezer. Guess which brand I won’t be buying next time!

However yesterday my friends at Fowler & Sons called me to let me know the board was in. We’d gotten to be on a pretty chummy basis since I’d been calling them about every other day asking when my board would be here. They did the best they could, this was a manufacturers issue. Anyway, I swung by and picked up the board and in about 30 minutes had it replaced. Then it was time to power up and see if it burst into flames or started working.

Freezer working as it should
Powered on and freezing!

I closed my eyes and flipped the switch. If the board blew again, that meant something else was wrong so we’d have to fix that problem, then order another board that would be another 1.5 months. Thank God it powered right up and went to working.

Beef freezer, working.
Back in action again

Lucy came right up and with the help of the Princess pulled all the beef from the back and got everything restocked. It was just in time too as I’m picking up a new cow on Friday from the processor. We’ll be back to full speed on beef by Friday afternoon so plan on getting your beefy goodness this weekend.

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