It’s almost spring!

Car wrecked in the snow
The entrance to our farm this morning when I went out

Oh wait. What the heck is this?


I’ve already told you my feelings on winter, which are as cold and icy as our frontage road was this morning. As the sun came up this morning, I heard a helicopter that was not only close, but hovering outside my window. Being a former helicopter pilot myself, I knew from the sound of the rotors what he was doing and the only reason for doing it was to film something just off of our farm. So a news chopper was filming, literally hovering over my pasture.

Not a good sign

Emily made it to work today and was busy feeding animals so Miguel and I went to see what the chopper was filming. We already knew that our road had been closed by State Troopers and there was a chance that somebody took out some of our perimeter fence when they wrecked, not an unheard of occurrence. We scooted over there in the Gator and made it to the corner of our property. There was a car in the ditch but no fence damage. Thank goodness!

Playing pool with kids and a fireplace
Playing pool on a snowy night

I say thank goodness especially because when the snow started yesterday we decided to have the neighbor up, play some pool with the kids, make a fire in the fireplace, and open a bottle of wine.

Future pyromaniac
Future pyromaniac, little Wildflower

Strangely the wine bottle was related to rabbits because this morning I found that the single empty wine bottle had multiplied overnight into an entire family of empty bottles on the counter. Rebuilding a fence wasn’t high on my list of things I wanted to do today.

Collecting snow for snow cream
Wildflower, collecting snow for snow cream. There was hardly any sticks, twigs, rocks or bugs.

The snow melted very well as the day went on but Wildflower had made sure we had plenty for snow cream before the melt started.  My iPhone forecast showed no snow the rest of the week so things were looking up. However I quickly found that my app wasn’t at all accurate and indeed we still had snowmageddon coming tonight.

More winter!? Ugh.

However, despite the cold, the snow, the sleet, the brine, the wrecked cars, and the broken water pipes, I found this.

Bulbs, popping out for spring
Bulbs, popping out for spring

Spring! An official sign!

I don’t care if it snows a foot tonight. There are flowers popping out of the ground and that means spring is coming. We’ve already frozen and broken all the pipes that freeze so we just have to keep the animals and us farmers safe, warm, and fed till the weather breaks, and then it will be time for warm weather and green grass. I can’t wait.

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