I’ve failed as a father

Spork, his cousin, and I all worked this morning on the farm, feeding, moving cows, going to the market, etc. After working the boys all day, I thought we’d relax for a bit and do something fun. We had some watermelons from the market and we have way too many squirrels on the farm. Also, Spork received a new 22 rifle for Christmas and he’s had little chance to shoot it because I’ve been too busy to take him.

As we got back to the farm I told Spork to take all of our produce in the house, and to grab the watermelon, his rifle, and a magazine and we’d sit on the porch and eat watermelon and shoot some squirrels if they happened by. For those of you who aren’t shooters, a magazine is a removable¬†box that holds the bullets in the gun.

Rifle magazine
Something like this

When I’d put his gun safely away¬†earlier I’d detached the magazine and had it laying there beside the rifle. I didn’t want him to forget the magazine when he came back so I made sure to point out all three things to bring.

  1. A watermelon
  2. The rifle
  3. The magazine

It took him a bit longer than I’d expect but soon enough Spork and his cousin showed up. They had three things.

  1. A watermelon.
  2. His new rifle
  3. After some hunting around in my room, he’d brought a magazine.
    Spork holding a Trade a plane magazine
    Spork with his “magazine”

    I really need to take the boy shooting. I’ve got to figure out how to get some more free time.

We did eat 1.5 watermelons and enjoy a few minutes of rest. It was awesome just hanging out and joking with the boys on a sunny day. So at least I got some good dad points in that regard.

**No squirrels were harmed in the making of this post.

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