Just a reminder about our pig petting event

The pig petting event is from 10am-2pm today. Our store hours are 8am-5pm. If you want to come early and shop, or late and shop, that’s a good idea. This is especially for our regulars who couldn’t get in on Barn Day because it was so crazy. You have extra time in the schedule to come before and after our event today and avoid the rush. We also are having a smaller event this time so it shouldn’t be so crazy.

We are extra stocked up on items in the store so don’t worry about us running out of most things.

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Dan is a dad, a husband, a business owner, a pilot, a sailor, a scuba diver, a machinist, a gunsmith, a welder, a woodworker, a day laborer, a teacher, a mentor and a writer. The short form of all the previous is he's a farmer.

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