The kids are working today, and there are warm cookies

The girls got up early and made chocolate chip cookies. They were at work on time (8am) and Spork was already up giving tours first thing this morning. They are doing great.

Kids at work in farm store
What work is supposed to look like

They cleaned the store, set out the cookies, goat cheese samples, and have everything ready to go.

However the reality of this moment was actually the below picture, not the picture above.

Kids playing on iPad in the store
Ohh? An iPad? Shiny! Press buttons!

They are actually writing a story on the iPad to entertain themselves in between customers. The first picture’s instruction from me was, “Alright, pretend you’re working!” Go back and look at that first picture. Pretty good pretending, right? I’m so doomed when it’s a boyfriend they are pretending they aren’t dating. Sigh.

Stop by and get some cookies, milk, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, etc today so the kids aren’t pretending to work. If they spend more than about 10 minutes without a customer, they start playing. More than 20 minutes, and they start trying to kill each other.

Save a life! Buy some hamburger! We are here till 5pm.

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