King of his land

Today King went along with us to enjoy the good weather. He was able to see much more of the farm and most importantly, he went along on a couple of tours today which meant he made it out to the cows. Remember King is an Australian Cattle Dog and cows are what he is about.

King wasted no time going into the paddock and giving the cows what for. He barked, backed them up, made the rounds, and then laid down on their pile of hay to enjoy the sun and dare any cow to try to take his space back.

The cows wondered about this short, brown cow with all the attitude and seemed to think we was cute if a little daft in the head. But they humored him, at least till one of the moms ran him out of the paddock because she’d had enough.

Still, it was good to see King out all day doing farm business and taking such an interest in the cattle. Hopefully he’ll be taking more interest in the future as we begin training him as an actual working cattle dog.

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